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Sherpa trek

Sherpa Trek

Sherpa Trek is our most robust version of the Compass Sherpa product. Included with Sherpa Trek is a complete Sales ERP capability including full integration with Outlook or Google’s Gmail, TCO Analysis and reports, DCA integration, Proposal Generation for quick quotes, MPS, or full Managed Fleet Services along with post-sale paperwork generation and forecasting. It also includes integration with your ERP billing system, Lease Tracker to track your current customers, including Risk Reports, in-depth data-mining and filtering for opportunities, as well as SherpaGo, giving your reps mobile capability for completing activities, viewing and editing customer information including equipment and on-the-road view of their ERP data.

Sherpa makes it so easy to track accounts, forecast, and report. With these time-consuming tasks streamlined, your management staff can quickly identify customers in need of assistance and diagnose shortcomings in the process. Determining behaviors that provide more success for certain representatives is just one application of the powerful Sherpa tracking tools. Sherpa comes with a robust reporting package to enable sales growth, proper account management, and territory management. Reporting tools for sales reps allow them to identify key opportunities and plan their activities for the day or week. Reports also provide an overview of prospects in the sales funnel and how they are progressing.

Sherpa also automates the paperwork in the order process and auto-populates forms to get the order started. Some of the forms that can be auto-populated are the initial sales order checklist, movement forms, and financial paperwork and commission worksheets. The entire order process becomes more efficient with Sherpa. This creates more time for interaction between stages and allows your personnel to attend to issues quickly. Instead of spending time on paperwork and data entry, your sales reps can improve the quality of relationships, generate more leads, and close more deals.

UCC Tracker

UCC TrackerAbility to import UCC information from EDA into Sherpa and set follow-up activities on all UCC equipment.

Intelligent Device Mapper

Intelligent Device MapperScan a floor plan, map equipment and allocate volumes in the field. Show your customer a visual of their before and after scenario.

Order Processing

Order ProcessingControl your after sales paperwork with this module and give your reps a view at all times of where their deal is at in the process.

Email Marketing Integration Powered by Evolved Office

Email Marketing Integration Powered by Evolved Office –This module with Evolved Office allows creation of marketing pieces that include emails, videos, newsletters, and much more. This integration includes tracking results and activity creation through Sherpa.

Automatic Commission Calculation and Workflow Integration Powered by SalesScoreKeeper

SalesScoreKeeper Commission IntegrationIntegration with SSK’s commission module. Track and monitor all commissions and sales contests at the click of a button.

Account Strategy Module

Account Strategy ModuleGive reps the tools to have a complete strategy in place before presenting to the customer.

Sherpa NSR

Sherpa NSR – Optional cloud based version allows you to access your Sherpa database from anywhere with an internet connection without the need for setting up and maintaining a VPN connection or a terminal service application.

ConnectWise Integration

ConnectWise Integration –This module will allow you to connect and view ConnectWise account information while in Sherpa such as detailed information on Agreement, Equipment, and Service Tickets.