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Sherpago Success

OneSource Managed Services


Victor Gollahon, Digital Products Manager

Description: Description: OneSOURCE 2013
OneSource Managed Services

"The new SherpaGo is faster by at least 30% on a cell connection. It is cleaner and easy to see. The drop down menu on the right makes it easier to navigate. Good job!"


Advanced Office Systems Inc


Tim Lamberson, Document Workflow Solutions

Advanced Office Systems Inc, PA

SherpaGo has been a great asset for me. Using that while on the road has allowed me to “pop-in” with existing or prospective clients and have all the information I need to make an informed approach. Having that at my fingertips has helped me win a handful of deals and impressed prospects.


Electronic Business Machines, WA


John Neillie, Account Executive

Electronic Business Machines, WA

As a CRM, Sherpa is easily the most user friendly one I’ve ever used. I use Sherpa and SherpaGo on my i-pad, my Android, and my laptop. Having the ability to quickly pop into it, get some key account info when I’m out in the field, and go in talking like I know what I’m talking about makes me feel like I have a professional edge. It also does my scheduling better than the way I used to do it in Outlook. As long As I’m doing my job, Compass helps me do it better.


Valley Office Systems


Karl Bennion, Boise Branch Manager

Valley Office Systems, ID

With the ability to quickly look up account information, activity and equipment along with having pricing at my fingertips - SherpaGo is an invaluable tool for any sales rep.


Smile Business Products


Patsy Cutler, eCommerce Manager

Smile Business Products

Our Reps using SherpaGo reference it daily! It’s been a great reference for them in the field… need to call the office when they need a phone number! That’s the big one!