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Koch Brothers, IA
I was working with a city in Iowa on their MFD’s and we had a deal with them that was very fair for both sides. As I was finishing up the paperwork and about to put a bow on the deal I realized that our MPS Manager had uploaded the City’s printers into the TCO on Sherpa. Because of the ease of use and the ability to get things done quickly and efficiently I was able to put together an MPS proposal and take it over to the IT department where I was getting my paperwork signed. We had chatted with the IT department about MPS in the past but they had never given us a real opportunity to sit down with them and talk about it; I also had never had hard numbers to show them. Because of Sherpa’s easy to use gateway to Print Tracker I had all of that information at my fingertips and was allowed to present it to the head of the IT department. Obviously I wouldn’t be writing this if we wouldn’t have gotten the deal. It turned a $300,000.00 sale into a $450,000.00 sale and added another 37% to our overall margin. If it weren’t for Sherpa I’m not sure we would have ever gotten this deal. It definitely wouldn’t have been this easy.


Johnnies Office Systems, TX
By using Compass Sherpa, one of our managed print consultants just saved a client almost 40% by eliminating pre-printed 3 part forms and managing the printer fleet. Our analytics software was within 3% of the actual monthly spend of the client and they were amazed at the accuracy of our analysis. We couldn’t have done that without Sherpa’s amazing tools. Another rep just closed a medical supply dealer who was spending over $4000 a month. He was able to replace their fleet with 2 45ppm MFP’s and 9 printers and saved them over $1900 a month! We use Sherpa all the time for every single deal we go into and can’t imagine trying to work without it.


Koch Brothers, IA
I was presented with an opportunity for MPS at a medical office and I was working with a very green rep. He had promised to give 4 different scenarios with multiple product lines and multiple blended fleet configurations. Before Compass this would have taken me days to compile, but with Compass I was able to bring this opportunity to proposal within hours. Building the fleet configuration through Asset Strategy, then adding the legacy devices into the deal through the Printer Pricer makes proposal building a breeze. The streamlined process enables you to set the fleet once and have it populate within the proposal. The last key benefit with Compass was the ability to create multiple Financials within the proposal so the rep could see the difference in GP earned by manipulating lease options. We were able to get back to the customer the next day with the completed proposals. The customer complemented us on our proposals calling them “professional and impressive”. The deal was closed that day.


Cavin’s Business Solutions, NC
Implementing Sherpa was one of the best decisions we’ve made to support our Sales Team! The product has given our Sales staff access to valuable information at the touch of their fingers, so they can quickly respond to customer’s needs. The Financial tab is wonderful. By using it, our staff can quickly put together a proposal or cost analysis. We’ve already created an MPS Proposal for a new customer and it was amazingly easy! The software has eliminated numerous manual reports that used to be done not only by our Sales staff, but by our Admin department as well. It is obvious that Sherpa was a well thought out software program designed by industry insiders. They have caught every aspect of the Sales process for office equipment dealers. Implementation and training could not have been any better … very knowledgeable, thorough and accommodating. We are certainly looking forward to increased Sales and efficiencies.


Advanced Office Systems Inc, PA
Compass Sherpa has become completely necessary for my continued success. In the past year we’ve taken on multiple MPS clients, thanks in large part to Sherpa. Instead of using a spreadsheet and a calculator as before, Sherpa allows our turnaround time to be much quicker and also our presentation to be much more professional and informative. Print management can be a hard sell, but one thing that helps us stand out is the great detail we’re able to provide clients in regards to cost and efficiency of their printer fleet.


Office Concepts, IN
There are so many steps, and so many things to juggle when it comes to Manage Print Service, and having this all important tool (Compass Sherpa) is essential in providing a healthy and accurate Manage Print Program. I am thankful to have such a key player in my Manage Print career.


Verity Group, TX
Compass has helped us find an easier way to do an MPS analysis which has been a huge time-saver! My first try at this was with over 300 machines. After doing a little research and finding a new and effective way to upload the spreadsheet into Compass, we now have to spend less time on this task. Thank you to the Compass training sessions for showing us this.


Miller Company
We have closed several $200,000 solutions since the implementation of Compass and now we are assigning two representatives as full time print study specialists in hopes to further expand our penetration in this area.