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New Sales Rep Success



Datamax St Louis, MO
I just signed an order with total revenue of $58,000 the day before Thanksgiving. Being a new rep, I had no experience with our system for ordering equipment. The Compass software provided one place to go for all the paperwork needed for both my customer and my internal order administrator. When last-minute changes to the order were necessary, I was able to quickly make the change in Compass and have it populate to all the other documents. This allowed me to have the paperwork ready for signature before my customer left town for the holidays. It also allowed me to quickly submit the paperwork internally to meet the quick delivery schedule my customer requested. My productivity using this software allows me to get back to selling right away!


Copeco, Visual Edge Technology, OH
Because I was able to search in Compass for contracts that were coming to an end and possibly able to be upgraded, I was able to sell 3 new machines as 3 upgrades in my first full month of work as a rep new to the industry. This made for a very encouraging month and set my goals on the higher end for the next quarter. Without the help of Compass I would have never known who was due for an upgrade and who was not. I would have been tirelessly calling dead end leads. Thanks for such a great tool!


Corporate Business Systems, MO
I just recently joined Corporate Business Systems, but I work 70 miles south. The information available in our Sherpa database has been invaluable. From listings of current customers, to TCO, and E-automate it has helped me to be able to have access to information without having to call anyone for that info.


OneSource, OK
When I first took over in my territory I went into Sherpa to review accounts my predecessor had information on. Thanks to the ability to enter opportunities with detailed information as to what was being discussed and the sales stage I was able to go to the clients and pick up right where he left off. In my first month I was able to close 2 accounts due to this information. Although I never had any direct contact with my predecessor I felt like he was talking to me through Sherpa and it made my job so much easier.


OneSource, OK
I’m actually new to the industry and have only worked for my company for 2 months. In my short tenure with my current company I have already experienced success thanks to Sherpa! I’m able to manage all my accounts with ease and forecast my sales potential. I love Sherpa!


Office Concepts, IN
When I first started at Office Concepts, I didn’t know the difference between a printer and a copier (I know, ridiculous). When I was introduced to Compass Sherpa I felt an overwhelming sense of assurance; here was a program that put everything I needed into a nice little box, with exact calculations and outcomes! Compass Sherpa and its ability to turn a bunch of numbers (that I didn’t quite understand) into a concise report that I COULD understand was extremely helpful in aiding in my confidence to go out and get that next appointment. The “Opportunities” section of Compass Sherpa is so great! It allows me to look into the future and see what I have coming in and when. It gives me great insight to what kind of revenue I will be bringing in, and as “The New Kid on the Block”, having this ability helps not only my confidence, but gives me a sense of security of what is to come!