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Topp Business Solutions
$1,000,000 in sales easy accomplished with Sherpa

“I manage a team of 3 people plus myself and we use Compass Sherpa and SherpaGo to remain at the top of our game. Year over year we are able to exceed quotas, eliminate competition, and rank high in our internal sales team metrics. Using the Compass Sherpa system in the office allows us to plan marketing campaigns to specific targets with high levels of success. Using SherpaGo allows us to always be prepared on the road. Topp is the region’s leader in office technology and we are able to prove that time and time again by partnering with Compass Sherpa and using the tools at our finger tips. Being responsible for over $1,000,000 in expected sales every year is a daunting task, but becomes easier knowing that my team and I have the information that my competitors do not. Just this year, we were able to book several 7 figure deals using the TCO program. A Sales Team without Compass is just a team!”


$250K in sales and over a million in attainable sales all because of Sherpa!

I utilize Compass Sherpa as an account management tool for prospective and current accounts that I am assigned to. By being consistent and persistent with my communications, actions, and follow up, along with the future planning and historic content available through Compass Sherpa, I have been able to create substantial momentum in 2017 that is leading to more than $250k in sales in December and over a million dollars in attainable sales through the second quarter of 2018. You have to do the work, however Compass Sherpa is a reliable tool to help you keep track of your actions and plan for a successful future in growing your business.”


RJ Young
Sherpa did the heavy lifting, I got to lead the assault!

“I’ve been in this industry for more than 45 years (yes I started at the age of 5) and I’ve never had a tool that carries all the baggage for me. Unpacking the information, I need, linking several critical tools, like Outlook and Bullseye, made the job of responding to a customer we were just about to lose, a whole lot more manageable. We got an 11th hour, hail Mary pass from Ricoh about a customer they had forgotten about. The customer had already signed an agreement with a competitor but had not given it to them yet. With the information I was able to pull from Sherpa and the feedback I got from the customer, we took this account away from Xerox and placed 7 machines on one campus. Sherpa did the heavy lifting. I got to lead the assault!

Use it religiously, every day and it will keep you on track, on time and on point!”


Imaging Alpha Laser
Sherpa did the heavy lifting, I got to lead the assault!

We were SO excited about the recognition of being an Elite Dealer!! It has created so much buzz and positive energy around our business. Thanks so much Compass for adding us to your list of dealers. We love your software and couldn’t imagine sales without it. Glad to be a partner!


Dean’s Office Machines
About 2 years ago, I targeted a major account in my territory. It was a longshot, but I wanted to give it a try. I had the contact information, but I didn’t have a lot of hope that I’d ever actually get in front of the decision maker. Using Compass, I put in consistent reminders to email or stop by. I’m not that organized on my own, but Compass helped me stay in constant contact with the customer. I put all the information that I gathered from each call in the Compass. After a full year of making contact, I got an appointment, and after a little while, I was able to close one small sale with them (worth about $5,000). Year to date, I’ve closed over $80,000 with that same customer, all because Compass helped me stay in front of them.


Nevill Document Solutions, LLC
I have used Compass for my whole career here at Nevill Document Solutions and I must say I cannot live without it. In August 2015, we were allowed to perform an assessment to a medical insurance broker just to see what we could do for them that Ricoh wasn’t. Throughout the process we were able to input data and discover multiple document solutions that Ricoh never addressed or mentioned. When it came down to the proposal meeting, Compass had organized the findings in a way that made so much sense that we had the CEO/Partner selling the solution to his silent partner who initially objected. I had never seen anything like it ever, where the client closed himself based on the data from Compass. I must say it will go down as a $120K deal where I actually didn’t have to close based on the organization Compass provided.


Mid Ohio Business Machines
First, allow me to thank you for the opportunity to share my story of the success that Sherpa has given me in my career as a business machine salesman. We have been in the “dark ages” for so long here at my company. We started as a typewriter company and believe it or not we still sell and maintain typewriters to this day. When I first came on board we had myself, a sales rep, three managers, as well as two owners. This was my first job out of college and the company was in dire straits with enough in financial reserves to keep on their feet for about 90 days. We struggled through the recession and cleaned house internally, redefining responsibilities, cutting dead weight, and reinforcing the sales team with a team of 3. One of the best and most important changes we made was adding Sherpa to our tools and rebuilding our pipelines and client lists within the program. Before Sherpa I would literally use a generic template for my proposals and manually add the cost of each addition to a copier and have to create an Excel sheet for each client to “play” with the numbers to make the most attractive but at the same time the most profitable proposal I could. Now I am not exaggerating here a one machine deal could easily take up to an hour plus just to generate the proposal, negotiate click rates with the service manager dependent on volume, run a downgraded or upgraded machine comparison, and another hour to three hours to fine tune the numbers; now with Sherpa just last week, I generated four proposals with each consisting of three plus machines in the first hour of the day with no need to now talk to three individuals before I could begin the proposal. This left me seven hours to touch base with current customers and update the notes under the respective accounts, cold call and add new leads into the system, work through my to do list within Sherpa rewarming stalled deals as well as run reports from clients who were due for upgrades. Last year my total sales were $360,000 with roughly 8% profitability with a lost margin of 20% because of lost or forgotten contacts. This year I broke the 35 year sales record with $750,000 in total sales through November with an average profitability of 21.6% and a 0% lost margin. Sherpa has not only impacted my business life but my wife and I were blessed with a surprise child and due to the increased sales numbers we were in a financial position to cover all medical bills, purchase a new home, and pay off all student debt with enough in reserves to not stress about sales on a month to month basis. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your software.


Core Business Solutions, Inc.
In 2014, I accepted a new position to take over a sales department that was not experiencing any growth and lacked motivation. Within minutes of going through their existing CRM, Sales Chain, I knew to ensure growth and success, we needed a more powerful and robust CRM. As you can guess, I went all in with Compass Sherpa! At first the veterans resisted the change, however once I showed them the integration with FM Audit Central and the TCO tool to pull meters for all MFP’s and printers, it opened their eyes to see how much a customer is truly printing and spending every month. I had to get them out of the “box selling” mentality. I revisited old proposals and generated new side by side proposals for the reps using Sherpa and showed them how much money they were leaving on the table. Since then our sales have been record breaking for us! We have seen a 50% profitability return on average and have grown our hardware sales over 30% for 2015!!! We’ve been able to exceed our sales goals by implementing Compass Sherpa in our organization!!! Our organization couldn’t function without Compass Sherpa; I will always be an ambassador for endorsing their products to any dealership!


The Swenson Group, CA
To date Compass Sherpa has allowed The Swenson Group to capture well over $250,000 in sales that would have been otherwise missed without a thorough tracking and follow-up system like we have with Sherpa. We use Sherpa to more effectively manage and track our sales reps prospecting activities, and track their sales pipelines. With Sherpa, reps are given the ability to track themselves so at any given time they know where they stand and so does management. We use Sherpa for our CRM, sales pipeline and forecasting tool. Our reps generate proposals and order packages through Sherpa and they use the ERP link to view their customer’s equipment and contracts which allows them to better manage their customers and find additional opportunities.


Koch Brothers, IA
Since I’ve incorporated Sherpa into my daily activity I’ve noticed an increase of over 30% in my overall hardware sales. Sherpa helps me keep in contact with customers, stay on top of leases, and guarantees I have the correct pricing on all of my proposals.


Systel Office Automation, NC
I had set a reminder, to call on my customer for an upcoming lease. Since I was not the Incumbent, I knew I had my work cut out for me. But I had made a little note in Sherpa – this particular buyer only saw vendors on Friday mornings! I showed up on Friday morning, met my prospect, gathered all the particulars and prepared my quote. I showed up on the following Friday, and closed the deal! Even the incumbent had forgotten this little detail from their previous sale. I couldn’t have done it without Sherpa!


Advanced Systems, Inc, IA
I have been using Compass for about 2 years now. I use this CRM for EVERYTHING, from account info to building a bid to setting up the financials! Using Sherpa, I have eliminated 99.999% mistakes because it will make sure I have the correct info before moving forward with any numbers or accessories. I also use this CRM on my iPhone so when I am in the car I can look up things very fast. I think I have increased my efficiency by 95% to make my day run a lot faster and get more done. Thank you for making my life much better