Do you find yourself with limited financial and human resources? Compass’s Professional Services team can help you keep your equipment pricing list up-to-date with the newest machines released by your manufacturer, maintain all your pricing for you, bookmark your leasing docs, provide you with customized sales proposals, mps contracts, etc.

Automate Proposals, Contracts & Forms – Bookmarking can be complex and time-consuming without practice. Our team can help save you the time of learning how to bookmark. Since this is one of our most affordable services with a fast turnaround, you can feel confident that we can make your bookmarking project happen ASAP, with accuracy and attention to detail.
Net New Program – Keep your Sherpa Equipment Pricing list up-to-date with the newest machines that are released by your manufacturer. Make sure your reps always have the latest products at their fingertips in Sherpa and save your Administrator the time and hassle of preparing new equipment in Sherpa format. We’ll do it for you! Very affordable monthly service.
Quarterly Maintenance Program – If you have too many hands in the pot, experience high turnover, or are struggling with the administration of your equipment pricing in Compass Sherpa, Quarterly Maintenance will keep your system current month to month with the latest prices and product numbers. This all-inclusive program is tailored specifically to your needs and will help you with many areas of your Equipment Pricing, such as marking discontinued machines, updating your down-the-street price and special pricing programs, changing margins, adding new products, updating products numbers, and removing old items. This program covers all the bases!
Administrative Services – The Sherpa Administrative Subscription is an option for dealers who are in need of additional assistance with maintaining various administrative aspects of Sherpa. This package helps customers with some of the more technical aspects of managing the Compass Sherpa software, in accordance with best practices. With our Sherpa Administrative Subscription, you will be able to best optimize your company resources without needing to worry about the routine items that require regular attention.
Advanced Proposal Package – An Excel template package of 3 proposals (quick quote, 3-page, and full proposal) that will automatically pull in the specifications for your products and dynamically generate TCO graphs. With our help, create a beautiful and fully streamlined proposal for your reps to generate through Sherpa.
Sales Order Packet Optimization – Whether you have a sales order packet in place and would like to have it automated, or you have nothing and need our advice on how to best get started, we are happy to help. Sales Order Packets have many forms and requirements, and the goal is to make sure that your team gets all the information they need while keeping everything streamlined for the sales reps! Let us go through your packet with you and come up with a comprehensive checklist to optimize it for your needs.

Pricing Preparation or Re-Preparation – If your Sherpa Equipment Pricing is a mess, outdated, or just plain unruly and unmanageable, consider talking to us about Equipment Pricing Preparation. We can help you make sure that the pricing and products you have in Sherpa are accurate, current, and as easy as possible for your sales reps to use. With our help, you can take advantage of features you may not even have known existed!

Lease Bookmarking Program – Leasing companies are constantly updating their lease documents, from the terms and conditions to the design. Once you have run out of your free bookmarking, we offer this affordable program to help you make sure your reps can always automate their latest lease documents through Sherpa with just a few clicks of a button.
Lease Assist Program – For customers with our Lease Tracker Module, we offer the option of assistance with keeping this feature up-to-date. With this program, get monthly assistance updating your leases in Lease Tracker through new lease imports, reconciliation imports, new mappings as needed, and more. Stay on top of your leases and make sure your reps don’t lose those opportunities!
Equipment Starter Templates – Our Equipment Starter Spreadsheets will get you off the ground quickly when adding a brand new product line. These spreadsheets are fully set up in Sherpa import format, provided as-is with all of the generic manufacturer information like MSRP, full equipment notes, clean descriptions, speeds, and categories. Just add your cost with margin!
Product Number Program – Some manufacturers are notorious for changing their product numbers on a regular basis. If you’re working with a moving target, try this affordable program, which allows us to update all of your product numbers 4 times per year to make sure you are ordering the right products and your ERP link works optimally.

Do you have a great idea or need something else? Professional Services are problem solvers, so just ask! New services are being offered regularly so email for the latest information.