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TCO Tools Success



Automated Business Solutions, RI
With the help of the Sherpa TCO tool, I was able to add another $6000 in revenue and $2000 in profit to the sale of a copier to a current customer! During the installation we discussed their color printers they have scattered throughout the office. With the help of the Compass TCO Tool and the analysis reports it generated I was easily able to show the customer that switching to our printers would save them money and be more efficient.


Digital Office Equipment, GA
The Compass Sherpa TCO analysis helped to educate a local hospital customer as to the value and cost savings of upgrading & consolidating their equipment. Ultimately the value was over $600 a month in lowered service/toner costs. We were able to offer equipment that cost the customer less while expanding their capability. The tools contained in Compass Sherpa helped to facilitate the customer education and understanding which resulted in a sale amounting to over $106,000.


Imaging Plus, CA
With the help of Compass we were able to capture more than 200,000 prints per month and bring in $100,000 in revenue on one deal by consolidating all of the customer’s equipment to 15 MFP’s.


ESP Print Management, AU
I found an opportunity at a school where I was going head to head with a couple of competitors. I identified that COMPASS SHERPA would provide me with the ‘edge’ in this deal. The TCO was the key to being able to provide clarity to the client about their current situation. The Cost Analysis report proved to be the difference in this deal – it was easy for the client to read and provided them with a true dollar value of what they were currently spending each month. The Principal of the school was extremely impressed with the information that was presented to her and we were able to design a quality solution for the school.


Office Concepts, IN
When I first started at Office Concepts, I didn’t know the difference between a printer and a copier (I know, ridiculous). When I was introduced to Compass Sherpa I felt an overwhelming sense of assurance; here was a program that put everything I needed into a nice little box, with exact calculations and outcomes! Compass Sherpa and its ability to turn a bunch of numbers (that I didn’t quite understand) into a concise report that I COULD understand was extremely helpful in aiding in my confidence to go out and get that next appointment. The “Opportunities” section of Compass Sherpa is so great! It allows me to look into the future and see what I have coming in and when. It gives me great insight to what kind of revenue I will be bringing in, and as “The New Kid on the Block”, having this ability helps not only my confidence, but gives me a sense of security of what is to come!


Brady’s Business Systems, MI
Using Compass Sherpa’s TCO model to enter in the customer’s current competitor equipment with purchase prices and toner cost to get their true cost of ownership allows us to present to the customer showing their actual cost per image. With that, we usually can match or beat what they are currently spending, typically allowing 35-50% in gross profit on our commercial grade machines. What a great tool to maximize our gross profit and still save the customer money!


American Business Systems, MO
We just started using Compass a few months ago and I was able to use the TCO section to help me sell a machine. I input the machine they were looking at and was able to show the customer how much money they would save on supplies with my equipment. Thanks to Sherpa keeping my conversations and appointments tracked and the detail from the TCO I was able to close the deal.